Kat Capone holds nothing back. The New York native pop singer/songwriter shows the same dynamic and candid personality whether on the stage or the screen. Drawing from her musical influences Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot & Christina Aguilera, her music is a combination of honest and direct songwriting mixed with fun, impactful pop music enjoyed by the masses.

From age 5, Kat started playing the guitar and from there she learned the flute, drums and piano. She started dancing at age 2 with ballet and later adding tap and jazz to the mix. A film major and an art director at heart, Kat is heavily involved in the direction and vision of her music videos, bringing a film-like approach to each. She likes to draw inspiration from some of her favorite movies and represent them in her visuals.


In 2013, Kat released her debut EP “Summer 22” which immediately caught the ears of media giant Viacom. Her song “Find Me In the Music” was chosen as the theme song for VH1’s reality show: “The Gossip Game” and soon after Kat struck a licensing deal with the company and placed most of her project on various shows and commercials for the network.

Her latest EP “Paper Cuts” discusses heartbreak, insecurity and the struggles she faces as an independent artist. She is currently developing a workshop for teenagers to help build self-esteem as apart of her “Reflection Project” that she created after recording her song “Reversed”.